Wasafix.com was founded in 2010 by someone Creative Director (ex Graphic Design Manager at luisaviaroma.com and designer of the first Ermenegildo Zegna trophy official website).

Wasafix.com was top ranked in 2012 when closed for private matters and reopened in 2018.

The aim of WasaFix.com is to show the best selection of looks, advertising, photography and visual press releases in the fashion industry.

Usually, as it is subjective, the looks are “wearable” fashion, classy and elegant as well, also we promote new upcoming talents in the fashion industry.

WasaFix.com links contents directly to flagship online store or official social profile on Instagram, this for a better online experience.

We are developing new features on WasaFix.com that will be available soon, this for a better browsing and social (Instagram) experience.

For more info or submit your official online store:
welcome AT wasafix.com

To send us your hi-res featured images -links- or press releases:
press AT wasafix.com